Coupon Tip – Building Your Stockpile


Periodically I like to throw in tips to becoming successful at couponing.  You can find

more tips in the Start Here section of this site.  Tonight I want to discuss the concept

of building a stockpile.  It’s very basic but makes a big difference long term.  The idea

is when you find a great sale/coupon combo then buy more than you need and sock

some away for later.  Why?  Because the next time you need that product the chances

are it won’t be on sale and you will be forced to pay full price (if you can’t find a coupon.

Here’s an example:

I found Vitamin Water coupons at my local Shaws that were good for $2.00 off when

you bought (5) waters.  At that time Vitamin Water was not on sale so the price was

$1.50 each.  If I used the coupon then (like they want you to) then I would have paid

$7.50 – 2.00 = $5.50 for (5) waters.  Not a good deal at all.  So, I took two of the

coupons and passed on the water.  I went back the next week and Vitamin Water

was on sale for $1.00 each.  So, I could use the coupon now and would have paid

$5.00 – $2.00 = $3.00 (or .75 each).  That was good but I thought I could do better.

The next week Vitamin Water was BOGO ($1.50 each).  So, I bought (10) and it costs

me $15 – $7.50 (bogo) – $4 (2 coupons) = $3.50 for (10) or .35 each.  This when you

stock up!  Get as much as you can at this price (assuming you’ll use it)


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