Coupon Search Tip – Save Yourself Time and Aggravation

wheres-waldo-4So, you are looking for a specific coupon but don’t know where to start?  This is a very common issue but let me tell you one secret that will save you a ton of time and aggravation.      Like many of you if I am looking for a coupon of a specific brand or type of item I will  frequently turn to Google to search for it.  But one major complaint I had was wasting my time  looking at links/pages that were posted months or years ago and the offers had long expired.    The  solution – when using Google you can narrow down your search by choosing “search  tools” –  then “any time” – then changing it to “past week” or even “past 24 hours”.  Then  Google will  only show the coupon sites that have posted what you are looking for during those  time  periods.  Example: if I run a Google search for Perdue Chicken Coupons I get 991,000  results  most of which will be expired deals.  If I change it to the “past hour” I will get only 43  results!   These will be the newest links to check out and hopefully score a coupon.  Trust me,  this is a  MAJOR time saver.  Check out my site for coupon links and other coupon articles.

 Find, Clip and Save