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So, one of the biggest challenges when someone begins couponing is just where to find them?  This can easily turn people off as they become frustrated and stop looking.  Here are some of my favorite coupon/savings resources:

Car-Cost-Calculator – This handy, dandy savings calculator will show you how much you’re paying per mile.  I paid only $1500 for my 1997 Mazda Protege.  But after gas, insurance, and maintenance, it still comes out to over $2900 per year!  So find out what you’re car is really costing you.

Side Hustles – As much as I love saving, I also love bringing home the extra bacon.  From Craig’s List gigs, to dog walking, to slapping ads on the side of my car, these side hustles have proven to provide extra income in my household.

Make Money Online – This could potentially be classified under Side Hustles, but, i’m going to through down an executive order, and give it it’s own line.  But I sell live feeder crickets online, which draws in over $1000 per month.  I’m a big fan of ecommerce, and can’t recommend enough why you should start a drop ship site from your own home.

Coupons – At any given time, there is over 300 printable coupons waiting to help you save nearly $500.  You can save on food, cleaning supplies, health care, hygeine, and much more.  Check it out and start saving to put money back into your pocket.

Additional Coupon Info

Walgreens has a coupon brochure located near their weekly flyer that contains LOTS of good coupons.  These are free so grab one.

CVS has a coupon kiosk at the front of the store – just scan your loyalty store card and see what comes out.

There are lots of coupons found at manufacturers websites you just need to look.

Also, the trend seems to be more and more companies are using Facebook to release coupons.