Coupon Lingo – Coupons That Print “Redeemable at Walmart”

walmartWhat exactly does it mean when a coupon says “Redeemable at Walmart”?  I have been seeing more and more online coupons that are printing out with this term printed on them (not just Walmart but other stores as well).  Here’s the scoop – there is a big difference between ‘Redeemable at Walmart’ vs. ‘Redeemable ONLY at Walmart’.  Most of the coupons that say ‘redeemable at Walmart’ (or any other store) are almost always regular manufacturers coupons that Walmart (or another store) has paid to advertise on.  You should be able to take these to any store that accepts coupons and use them – not just the store listed on the coupon.  I say should because many clerks confuse these coupons for ‘store’ coupons and refuse to accept them.  I even had a clerk once refuse to even attempt to scan a coupon because it said ‘redeemable at Walmart’ and she insisted that it would not work.  So, if you print a coupon and it has this type of writing on it then look at the top of the coupon to confirm whether it is a manufacturer or store coupon.  If it says ‘redeemable only at Walmart/Target’ then you can only use it at the named store.

One more tip – don’t forget that Walmart accepts competitors coupons so if you have a coupon that says ‘redeemable only at Target’ you can use it at Walmart as well.


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