Complete Missions For Cash With AgentAnything.Com

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Make Some Money with Agent Anything

There’s a lot of people out there with more money than time, and they’re willing to pay to have a ton of different things done. Agent Anything acts as a platform which can connect those willing to do the work with those willing to pay, including regular temp work.

How It Works

For the most part, it seems that taking on these tasks as an agent will lead to a mundane task such as getting groceries or other errands. There’s also quite a few different tasks that are more akin to regular jobs, including temp work or beta testing for start-ups available.

It’s only available to students, however, so you’ll need to be enrolled in college to make this one work. Agent Anything claims that this is their method of ensuring accountability, by producing a student identification card they can rest assured that the person lives in the area and is doing something rather than being a shiftless drifter or whatever.

Unfortunately, it’s only real presence is in New York and New Jersey in the United States, and in Adelaide in Australia. This adds another layer of difficulty to using the site as an “agent” since it’s not available in the vast majority of areas.

If you’re a student in the area, then you might want to keep reading to see how you can earn some money doing menial tasks.

How Do I Get Paid?

Missions come in two different varieties, those which are given to the first agent to accept the job and those where the client will pick an agent based on their offer and profile. This allows for a surprising amount of flexibility in the tasks which can be given out and can help you determine the price of your own time on some tasks.

For the most part it’s not going to be a get-rich quick thing, or even a part-time job thing, but since you can fit it in around your studies and the missions are generally quite easy to perform it does allow for a little bit of side income.

The site will transfer the money earned to you after your mission has been completed, they collect the client’s money before-hand using credit card information.

How Does it Come Out in the End?

The whole thing being geared towards students is something of a marketing gimmick, it keeps Agent Anything’s stored data down since they don’t need to collect much from their agents and, frankly, students are often willing to work for far less than others.

That will definitely be affecting your pay rate in the end, and there’s a long and vaunted history in capitalism of using students for menial tasks at terrible rates. Agent Anything offers freedom, but the system in place is pretty old overall.

The program is also currently only available in a couple of different cities, rather than being a nationwide service like a lot of other side hustles. If you’re living in one of those cities it’s fantastic, but if you’re not then it’s pretty much useless.

While it may turn into something a little bit better as it expands more, in its current state Agent Anything is more of a gimmick than anything and provides a lot more value to clients than to the agents themselves.

Agent Anything isn’t really in any state to be recommended for the vast majority of people in its current state, unfortunately.

If you meet the rather strict requirements, then you might want to give it a shot but for the rest of us it’s just a prototyped model of something that’s been done far better by other companies.