Common Coupon Computer / Software Issues Resolved!


OK, we have all been there.  Just about ready to throw our computer out the window after getting an error message or something just won’t load right.  It usually happens when you are in a hurry, the kids are crying and your patience is already low.  Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us so I wanted to put together an article of potential computer issues as it relates to coupons.

One of the biggest complaints I read about when it comes to clipping coupons is computer errors or software issues.  People are often times immediately turned off, or become suspicious, when they try to print a coupon for the first time and are prompted to download software.

Software 101 – There is no way around this.  If you what to print coupons from the major online coupon providers (,,,, you will have to download and install their software.  This allows them to track what is being printed and, more importantly, set limits on the number of prints allowed per computer.  These generally only need to be installed once and then you are good to go.  The one exception is the software called ‘JAVA’.  This one leads to a great deal of frustration at times as it seems like it wants to update all the time.  No way of getting around this – just update it when it requests such.  Keeping your computer updated should lead to much smoother sailing when it comes to printing coupons.

Print Limits – Most coupon sites will limit the number of prints allowed to (2) PER COMPUTER.  This means if you have multiple computers you can absolutely print more.  In some cases I have also had co-workers print out certain coupons from their computers to give me a few extra prints.  It is worth mentioning that most major online coupon sites also ‘reset’ their coupons at the beginning of each month (thus they can be printed again – (2) per computer).

Online Errors – Sometimes a coupon will just flat out not work or print.  This is usually not due to your machine but an error on the providers end.  Just wait and try it again or move on – no sense in getting hung up on it.

Slow Connections / Network Issues – If you are printing from a network (like many employers have) there may be blocks/firewalls in place that will hinder your ability to print coupons.  Not much you can do here unless the boss will allow changes on your machine.  Advice – print from home.

Some of the coupon sites take a few minutes to load.  I have found some of the blogs I frequently visit often times ‘hang’ for a while.  This is usually due to too many ads trying to load all at once.  Give it a minute and let things load up properly – patience Daniel Son.

Lastly, keep in mind that over time you will become more proficient with your couponing.  Things will get easier and you will learn ways to correct many of the common software/computer issues.

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