Check Your Receipts – 10% of Grocery Store Items Do Not Ring Up Correctly



Alright, so you just finished the sometimes daunting task of going food shopping (especially if you brought the kids).  You walk through the door and the last thing you want to do is look to see if everything you bought actually scanned in at the correct price.  Well, did you know that experts estimate that 10% of the items within a grocery store do NOT scan in correctly.  That means you could be paying 10% more for your groceries and not even know it.  I had this happen over the weekend when I went to Price Chopper.  My grocery bill was $137 (out-of –pocket with $112 in savings) and when I looked over my receipt I noticed several items did not have the correct prices and the check out clerk failed to double 5 coupons.  I went to customer service and got $6.30 back!  That’s 5% of my grocery bill that didn’t scan in correctly!

The moral to the story – look over your receipt.  Some advocate doing this in the parking lot so it will be fresh in your mind and it will save you having to drive back to the store if things need correcting.

Also, when your coupons are being scanned make sure money is coming off your order.  I know it sounds silly but when I first started couponing I was at the grocery store and the clerk was scanning my coupons but nothing was coming off!  The register was still making a ‘beep’ sound and I didn’t notice it until I left the store and looked over my receipt and saw that over $30 worth of savings did not come off the order.  I went back and they (customer service) took care of it.

Lastly, it’s your money – don’t be afraid to go to customer service if things are not scanning properly.   How else is the store going to know there is a problem and be able to fix it?

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