Earn Side Hustle Cash As a Movie Transcriptionist

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Buckle Up For Some Side Hustle Fun When You Work From Home As A Transcriptionist

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A Transcrip – ahhh what?!

A transcriptionist is a person that listens to audio recordings, and types out those recordings into a text document.  So if you’re great at typing, and love staying at home, then this is a good side hustle for you to consider.

It turns out that there’s a lot of audio out there that people need in a textual format. This would seem fairly obvious when you consider the state of media these days, but what you might not have thought about is who gets paid to do all of it.

The answer can be you. If you can type quickly, you can do transcription work, and while you might not have considered a freelancing career as mundane you’d be surprised at the money you can make while doing it.

So Where Can I Find These Transcriptionist Side Hustles?

Rev.com.  This website does all the work for you by offering transcription services that can be purchased by nearly anyone, and they do so at a fairly competitive rate of about a dollar per minute for most types of work. The corporation themselves outsources the work to freelancers, and it’s relatively easy to become one of them.

Unlike a lot of places which keep the lion’s share of the cash coming in, Rev will pay you up to $0.65 per minute for regular transcriptions, $0.75 for captioning, and they also offer a translation service with which you can earn $0.05/word which is a pretty good rate, just ask any struggling freelance writer.

You can apply simply and easily from their website, which means that if you have the skills and think you can hack it, you should definitely give it a shot. There’s plenty of work available and the experience just might open doors for you later if you decide this is definitely the kind of work you want to do.

The Best Part – Getting Paid

Instead of the usual freelancing format, where a writer, designer, or transcriptionist will get paid when a project is done and may have to chase a client down, the payment here is automated based on the amount of work you’ve completed.

They pay regularly, once a week, through Paypal, making it much more similar to a regular job than the financial quagmire that freelancers often end up in.

Do I Fit the Transcriptionist Mold?

Since anyone can apply, you might be wondering just who should be doing the work. The simple answer is if you can type quickly you stand a shot at making some serious money while working with the service. They also offer coaching and guidance to help you get better, which is great.

Unfortunately, since you’ll be getting paid for the amount of transcription you do, you’ll want to steer clear if your typing is slow or grossly inaccurate. While it’s not a big deal to clean up a few hundred words if you’ve only made three or four typos, you’ll find that it nearly doubles the amount of time you’re working for the same rate if you have to go back and rewrite everything.

Translation is particularly appealing to those who have the language skills to do so and the rates are really good for it. If you’re bilingual, trilingual, or just happened to swallow a Babel fish while out and about in the galaxy you should definitely give it a shot.

Side Hustle Conclusion

For those who have the skills for it, Rev is a fantastic place to earn some serious side money. Unlike a lot of “micro jobs” which pay horribly, it pays a fair and competitive rate and all the advantages of being a freelancer are there like choosing your own hours while avoiding some of the pitfalls like chasing down work and managing payments.

There’s nothing to lose if you think you fit the bill then shoot in an application and start making some money with just your typing skills and a functional set of ears. You definitely won’t regret it.