BOGO Deal on Top Shelf Cat Food

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How could you forget about Tobey, your favorite house cat?  I’m sure it’s pretty easy, since cats really do nothing but sleep and claw up every piece of furniture in the house.  But regardless of all their short-comings, cats are a part of the family, and deserve a little attention just like every other member.  So, consider this excellent BOGO coupon offer for Meow Mix.

Here are the details: buy 1 bag of Meow Mix dry cat food, and get 1 bag of Meow Mix Irresistible cat treats for free.  Now, the term free is a funny phrase.  Because nothing is actually free.  Sure, you’ll get a chance to get a bag of this “irresistible” cat treats without having to cough up money.  But, there’s still an exchange going on.  So although youre not handing over hard earned money, you’re still going through the effort to get this coupon, and present it to the cashier at time of check out.  And having to manage something is never free.

And now that I’ve dropped a philosophically nuclear on your thoughts, consider these other cat gifts from the Amazon, to try and win over the neglected feline that sheds it’s fur all over your couch.