BOGO Coupon on Purina Dog Chow – Bring home the mother load

purina dog food coupon

Put money back in your pockets with this BOGO coupon for Purina’s Natural Dog Food Chow

Print your Purina Coupon Here

“Don’t worry, Scruffy.  You won’t go hungry this week.”

I’m sure this was your first reaction when you saw this buy one get one free coupon for Purina Dog Food Chow.  It wouldn’t be mine, but that’s because I don’t have a dog.  But regardless of my shortcomings, I’m certain that all of you canine owners and lovers can agree: that dog food can be expensive, and this coupon could potentially bring you as much joy as Scruffy.

So here’s the deal.  Buy (1) bag of Natural Dog Food Chow or Puppy Chow, 6 pounds or less.  And when you slap this coupon in that cashier’s hand, you can get a 2nd bag free.  But that 2nd bag has to be valued at $6.50 or less.

Now, if you’ve got the DNA of a bargain hunter, then you should be well aware that this has a great potential for booster savings when you give it the ol’ coupon squeeze.  If you don’t know how to give a product the coupon squeeze, then here’s the scoop: look for promotions or in-store deals, on products that you already have a coupon for.  In this case, find the store that has a deal on Purina Dog Food.  Buy working the the numbers and the stipulations on the coupon, you can earn alot more dog food.  Now, just be completely knowledgeable about your store’s coupon policy.  Using a coupon on an in-store sale is usually acceptable everywhere.  But you never know where those stingy store owners will strike.  So be forewarned.

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