Beware of Fake / Counterfeit Coupons

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Over the past few weeks I have seen reports of several high-end fake coupons making their way into the New England area. One was for 50% off at Lowe’s and the second was for $200 off at Market Basket.  Each of these coupons spread through social media (particularly Facebook) and created quite the media buzz.

There are some obvious red flags with each of these coupons that should alert any potential customers.  First, they are both just too good to be true.  50% or $200 off way too good of an offer and should automatically be cause for alarm.  Second, in both of these cases the provider of the coupons required personal information be entered in order to print them.  This is a common practice known as ‘phishing’ which is an attempt to collect personal data that could be used to commit identity fraud.

This should stand as a reminder that you should only be printing coupons from trusted online sources such as, Smartsource and Redplum.   Each of these sites do require software installation that is primarily used to set print limits and prevent market saturation.

This should also be a reminder that you should not be giving any personal information in order to print online coupons.

Remember, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is…


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