Join Honey App Chrome Extension – “It’s Basically Free Money.”

honey chrome extension

Finally, a Chrome Extension we can all support!  Honey is a Google Chrome extension that automatically searches the internet for the best coupon codes and enters them to your shopping cart during checkout.

The process is seamless and easy! Plus, it can help you save tons of money.

Time Magazine said “it’s basically free money.”

Here’s How the Honey Chrome App Works

  1. Install the Honey Browser App
  2. Shop at supported online stores
  3. click on the “Honey App” icon to view all available sales and coupon code
  4. At checkout click the “Find Savings” button and apply the discounts and coupons

Auto-Install Discount Codes & Coupons At Check-Out: Download Honey Chrome Extension Here

coupons at checkout chrome

As I always discuss, money saved is the same as money earned.  So start shopping online with this Google Chrome extension to start saving big at each check out.  Use this with Macy’s, Target, Walmart, Kohls, GoDaddy, and thousands of other available codes for thousands of other online stores.

Another perk about Honey’s coupon code extension is that it will find the most valuable coupon code.  Some stores have hundreds of coupon codes and deal offers floating around in cyber space.  Honey will find you the best available coupon code for your store, so that you can maximize your savings.

So stop being a savings-slouch.  Add this simple, money-making Chrome extension so that you can start putting money back in your pocket!

Please note, the Honey coupon app does not work every time. It is best used for products that have a lot of generic coupon codes at checkout like ordering pizza online, free shipping, etc.. You will have to have a little luck to get coupons at checkout using this app with odd products.

But a little luck is all you need with the Honey app to save big!

Plus you can now use the Honey app extension on every browser. Yup, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer – all support the Honey app now!

Save When you Join Honey and Auto-Install Coupon Codes When You Shop Online

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