Are You An Awesome Friend? Rent Out Your Skill set For Cash

rent a friend side hustle

Earn Some Side Hustle Money With This Rent-A-Friend Service

Try for New Experiences and Some Side Money

There’s a lot of weird stuff you can do to make money, enough that most of us have become a bit jaded to the whole thing. Rent-A-Friend will allow you to get people to pay for your company. It might seem a bit odd on the surface, but if you’re an engaging person who likes to meet new people it might be just the kind of side hustle you’re looking for.

How Does it Work?

All you’ll need to do is sign up to make a friend account on their website and wait for approval. There’s no background check or anything, so most folks are approved within an hour or so. After this, you’ll be able to set your own rate.

Everything’s up to you from here, and as long as your sense of people is good your chances of ending up getting hired by a serial killer are pretty low. By which, we mean, you can pick and choose the people you’ll be “friends” with since you’ll be under absolutely no obligation to work certain hours or take any customers at all.

As a contracted friend, you aren’t charged a dime. Instead, the site makes money by charging membership fees to the people who are hiring you. This small fee apparently keeps the website afloat, as all of the money you make is yours to keep.

Yes, you actually get to keep one hundred percent of the money you get, which is pretty respectable for any kind of online side gig.

You can set your own rate as well, are you a super awesome person who’s happy doing anything? Charge them through the nose and you might actually make a good amount of money doing this, even if you opt just to do it on the weekends.

What Will I Be Doing?

As the site repeatedly emphasizes, this is not a dating site, escort site, or anything of the sort. Basically, you’ll be accompanying people to do things who don’t have friends to help them out for whatever reason. Maybe they’re new in town, maybe their normal circle doesn’t like golfing or whatever.

Since you’ll be deciding who to take and whether or not you want to do something, it can make the whole thing pretty easy. You can get paid to do things you might enjoy doing anyways, and you’ll meet someone new while you’re doing it.

Get paid to go hiking, skiing, golfing, watch a movie, or just eat a meal and shoot the crap with someone. It seems pretty sweet as a whole.

In your profile you can tell prospective clients what you like doing and all of that and if you live in an area where many people use the service you might just find that your weekends are now filled with enjoyable activities that you’re getting paid to do.

You are likely to run into oddballs on occasion, of course, most “normal” people aren’t hiring friends. It might be important to keep an open mind and it’ll definitely pay to be friendly, but you’d be surprised at just how normal many of the clients for the site are. The internet connects people on a global scale, but for people who move around a lot, it can be hard to make in-person friendships.


Rent-A-Friend can you make you some pretty substantial money if you’re willing to devote the time and energy to it. It might take a certain kind of person to be comfortable in the situations that may present themselves, but if you like people it’s definitely not a bad way to get paid to do something enjoyable.