Are Your Printable Coupons Getting Blocked By Anti-Virus Software?

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I have received several recent emails from couponers who have been experiencing issues while trying to print from several online coupon sites including  Specifically they are reporting that they have been unable to print because they are receiving a virus warning while attempting to install the coupon printer software.  I did some research on this issue and learned that it is actually more common than I thought.  What is occurring is the users computer’s anti-virus software is not allowing for the printer software installation and thus the user is unable to print any coupons.  In order to get around this you must:

  • Temporarily disable your virus scan  – this can often times be as easy as right-clicking on the anti-virus software icon located on your desktop near your clock/date.
  • Install the printer software – this is required by all major coupon websites as it allows them to track printed coupons and place restrictions on print-counts.
  • Enable your virus scan – once the printer software has been installed you should be able to enable your virus scan software and then print coupons as needed (without needing to disable your virus scan every time). has responded to this issue on their website – see their statement here.


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