Follow These Tricks For An Affordable and Beautiful Wedding

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Use These Free Wedding Tricks To Keep That Wedding In Budget

Let’s face it, weddings are expensive at the end of the day. What should be the happiest day of your life can turn into a financial snarl that requires quite a bit of thought to untangle without causing any long term damage to your situation.

Wedding planners can be a huge expense in and of themselves, in addition to the more material requirements for matrimony, but with a little bit of forethought you can get quite a bit done on your own and help keep the costs down while still maintaining efficiency and allowing you to focus on your happiness rather than how you’re going to foot the bill.

1.) Free Wedding Catalogs

One of the best ways to get started is to get yourself a free wedding catalogue. There’s a ton of them available online, and they can help get your creative juices flowing as you start to plan things out. Why pay for one?

You can easily find them available at a wide number of locations online, but we’ve found two of the best to be at Things Remembered and Exclusively Weddings. Whether you decide to purchase their products, or just use them to inspire your own creations take a gander and see what comes to you in order to make your special day perfect.

2.) Free Seating Arrangement Templates

It can be a pain to determine who you sit where while you’re getting your wedding planned. It can also be important, making sure that you have a place for everyone and no one gets left out in the bustle.. Rather than relying on a planner, you can use a free template to get things organized.

Free templates, like those at Little Thing Favors can help you keep track of things quite easily and make the whole affair that much more simple. They even have some valuable advice on how to set things up for your ideal arrangements to go with the templates themselves.

Seating Arrangements is even better. It’s a free software program that can help you keep track of everything efficiently and allow you to spend more time planning the more exciting parts of your ceremony.

3.) Free Website

It’s a digital age, and thanks to that simple fact it’s a great idea to set up a page announcing your wedding. You can showcase the progression of your relationship, make sure everyone knows the date, and generally allow those attending a great deal of information with a web page.

Rather than choking out hundreds of dollars to pay a web designer to set things up, however, you can use a free service with an easy template to allow even the most tech-illiterate to get their page looking fantastic.

The Knot has over a hundred different templates to choose from, and it’s easy to use. More importantly for your budget, it’s also free. There’s a digital guest book available and it will also allow you to modify your website on the go with a simple to use app for your phone. That’s quite a bit of utility for a free program.


Planning your wedding can be stressful, as well as expensive, but if you utilize some of the free things that are out there you’ll be able to make things cheaper and easier. With a little bit of forethought you can save hundreds of dollars by the time you’re done. Try using some of the items mentioned above, and then add up the savings, you just might be surprised at how you can trim the fat on your budget.

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