==> (7) Ways to Save Money at Target Stores

Over the past two years Target has become a great place to shop for bargains to use coupons at.  They have implemented several variations of store coupons in order to draw in more customers by giving them multiple ways to save.  Here are (7) ways you can save money while shopping at Target:

  • Target-Logo copyTarget Printable Store Coupons – Target offers numerous store coupons for items from food products to electronics.  Right now they have over 110 coupons available for printing – users can print 2 coupons per computer, per month.  Also, keep in mind that Walmart will accept Target coupons just in case you do not live near a Target or can find the item cheaper at Walmart.
  • Target Mobile Coupons – Target now issues mobile coupons (usually 10-15 offers every week).  These are free to sign up for (details about the program can be found here) and these offers can be ‘stacked’ with other printable store coupons as well as manufacturer’s coupons.  Once you register for this program you will receive a weekly text from Target that gives a link to the current offers.  It will also provide a barcode that can be scanned during your checkout so the savings come off your purchase.
  • Target’s Cartwheel Program – This is a free mobile app that is loaded directly to your smartphone and allows you access to hundreds of savings offers for items ranging from food to electronics.  Savings range from 5% to as much as 50% off each item.  You can select which offers you want to take advantage of and then, similar to mobile coupons, a barcode is generated that is scanned during checkout.  Cartwheel offers are updated daily so I always check to see what has been offered (especially if I am making a major purchase and I don’t want to find out later that I missed out on extra savings!).  Cartwheel offers can be ‘stacked’ with store coupons, manufacturer’s coupons and mobile coupons.  More info about the Cartwheel program can be found here.
  • Target’s $4 Generic Prescription Offer – If you are taking medication then you need to check to see if it is one that Target offers for $4.  This is a free service that can save you big money throughout the year.  My son takes a medication that was costing us $30 per month until we found out that it was only $4 at Target.  We switched the prescription over and, just like that, we saved ourselves $26 per month.  More about this program can be found here.
  • Clearance Items – I have found some awesome clearance deals on items at Target (especially toys).  I usually find them on various end-caps throughout the store.  I find that Target’s clearance items are FAR cheaper than the clearance items at Walmart.  Here’s a tip for clearance shoppers or bargain hunters: Target uses red clearance price tags/stickers and in the upper right-hand corner it will tell you how much of a discount the item has been marked down.  Target usually marks items 30%, 50% and then 70% off.  This means if you find an item marked down 30% then if you wait a week or two it will eventually be marked down to 50% off and then 70% off (assuming no one buys them up!).  Clearance items are marked down weekly on a schedule that varies based on item’s department (kitchen, toys, clothing, etc.) and may also vary based on the specific store.

As you can see there are numerous ways to save money at Target and it is not just from clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper.  Target has done a great job of using technology (particularly mobile phones) to offer shoppers easy ways to save.  So, stop paying full price and learn to use these offerings to your advantage!

Jason the Coupon King

Find, Clip and Save