Frugality isn't for the faint of heart.

If you're daring, you may find yourself shopping at yard sales.  If you're committed, you may find yourself calling up the neighbors for their Sunday newspaper coupons.  And if you're tenacious, you'll be transforming those lost hours into valuable hours with a side hustle.

So flex those parsimonious pythons, and tackle this QUIZ, to see if you're cut from the same frugal fibers that weave this money-savin', excess-ass-kickin' website community together.

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Couponing is a common strategy for saving.  But couponing requires intelligence and awareness; nimble thinking permeated with decisive actions.  You might second guess a potential deal while you're in the grocery store.  But remember, your hesitation may be someone else's opportunity.  So read the details in every opportunity...


You have $1.10.  You are couponing, and want to buy (2) items.  The 1st item is exactly $1 more than the 2nd item.  How much is the 2nd item?


Coupong and deals are all about the fine print.  You don't need to be the most athletic, but a higher comprehension level can give you the upper edge...


If 1 1/2 dozen sardines cost $9.50, how much do 18 sardines cost?


Frugality requires keen vision and the ability to focus in a shopping world of excessive distractions.  Deals and opportunities are deeply hidden within the retail markets.  But those deals can only be found by sharpening your concentration and attention.


How many feet does this elephant have?

How many legs does the elephant have?


Sometimes, we don't have a saving problem, we have an income problem.  And that was a revelation I had back in 2014.  To combat this problem, I started doing side hustles to boost my household income.  There are multiple side hustle opportunities, but one proved most lucrative for me.


Which side hustle did I do to make an extra $655 in 1 month?







Cars are an unfortunate necessity.  We use them daily, and need to maintain them, feed them, and keep them compliant with the legal system.  And all of this requires thousands of dollars each year.  Although we may need to keep using a car, we can reduce the cost of that car.


Using my Car-Cost-Calculator, calculate how much you're spending per mile per vehicle, and list your answer below: