Get this $2 coupon for Venus Original disposable razors

Put money back in your pockets with this $2 coupon for Venus Disposable Razors.

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Summer time is approaching, which means women will be shaving their legs at record numbers.  It’s almost like watching a great migration in a nature documentary: flocks of females stampeding into the personal hygiene aisle, looking for the best deal they can find on razors.  And I know the feeling, except my hunt is year-round.  And I know that most stores usually have an in-store promotion going on with their razors.  But, here’s the beauty about stacking coupons.  If you can find a store that will double a manufacturer coupon, while also taking a store coupon, while also having a sale on a specific razor, that’s how you score free razors.  But it is a waiting game.  You need to wait for the stars to align.  And once they align… BOOM!  Instant rewards.

With this $2 Venus disposable razor coupon, you need to know that it’s only applicable to (2) razor or more packages.  So, if you find a (2) razor package that’s already on sale, and you can double this coupon, then there’s a good chance you’ll only being paying with coupons, and only coupons.

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