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Finding the proper paint is a tough challenge for any project.  There’s outdoor paint, indoor paint, latex paint, oil paint, elastomeric paint, enamel paint, and many more paint.  It can be over whelming, finding the correct paint, because each paint has its place and purpose.  For example, if you’re looking to paint exterior masonry, an elastomeric paint is a great solution.  It’s breathable and flexable, allowing it to give when vapor trasmissions exhaust through the substrate.  Here’s a video of me painting an exterior foundation wall with Sherwin Williams Fox501:

But not ever application require elastomeric paint.  Here’s are some common paints that you can find and the substrates you’d want to use them for:

  • Oil based paints – Oil based paints need to be used inside.  They are vulnerable to rain and UV.  Too much UV exposure can cause it to crack and amber (turn yellow).  It’s ideal for interior trims and doors.  It develops a nice, hard finish, allowing it reject more abuse than water based paints.
  • Water based paints – Acrylic and latex based paints are the most common water based paints.  These are the paints you use for house painting.  They are great for drywalls, gypsum wall-board, and even exterior substrates like masonry and siding.  It is breathable, and can tolerate UV exposure without compromising the color.
  • Epoxy paints: Epoxy paints offer great adhesion to stubborn substrates like metal and steel.  Additionally, epoxy can be used as rust inhibitor, as long as it’s not a water based epoxy.  Although industrial, these paints swill amber (yellow) over time.
  • Elastomeric paints – Elastomeric paints offer excellent elongation properties.  They are very stretchy, and if a section of paint disbonds from a substrate, it won’t crack like an oil based dryfall.  Instead, it will continue to cling to itself, allowing the paint to remain intact, without chipping and falling onto the floor.
  • Urethane paints – Urethane paints off excellent chemical resistance.  They are commonly use in industrial environments, like epoxies.  However, they don’t typically offer the same adhesion properties that epoxies offer.  But they are color stable, and won’t amber or chalk when exposed to outdoor environments.

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