Print This $0.75 Coupon For Secret Deodorant

secret deodorant printable coupon

Put Money Back n Your Pocket With This $0.75 Coupon For Secret Deodorant

Print Your Secret Deodorant Coupon Here

Life can be the pits.  And life can really be the pits when your pits smell like a moist gym sock.  So it’s beneficial to add some deodorant to those pits every once and a while (or every day, for the sake of the person sitting beside you).  But the cost of deodorant is reaching new heights almost every day.  So, although the stinky pits may be less expensive, they certainly aren’t the most viable option (for the sake of your neighbor).  So here’s a $0.75 coupon code for Secret Deodorant.  And what’s great about this coupon, is that there are many retailers that will double this coupon.  So you can save up to $1.50 on 1 stick of deodorant.

So Here’s Your Coupon Strategy…

The first thing to notice is the face value of the coupon.  Because this coupon is less than $0.99, my grocery store, Giant, will double this coupon to $1.50.  So, when identifying which store to shop, you’ll want to make sure you store doubles this coupon.  After you decided which store to shop in, you’ll need to play the game of patience.  You’ll need to wait for the Secret Deodorant to go on sale.  When it does go on sale, that’s when you want to stack your savings by combining the coupon with the in-store sale.

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