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So, one of the biggest challenges when someone begins couponing is just where to find them.  This can easily turn people off as they become frustrated and stop looking.  Here are some of my favorite coupon/savings resources:

Coupon/Savings Articles New to Couponing?  Here’s a series of article written by me over the years that provide costs saving tips and coupon know-how.


Stop throwing away your unwanted or expired coupons.  Learn (6) ways to Pay-It-Forward with Coupons Here – Over 300 Printable Coupons

Amazon Digital Coupons

SwagBucks Rewards Program

Hot Coupons and CodesHundreds of Free Online Coupons / Codes


Johnson & Johnson

Target’s Cartwheel Program

Target’s REDcard 5% off Program

Common Kindness Coupons (lots of organics)

Proctor and Gamble

Arm and Hammer Products

Hallmark Store Coupons / Offers

Scotchgard / 3M Coupons


Bausch + Lomb Eyecare Coupons

Pick Up the Values

Hopster Coupons

Earn Money with Swagbucks!

Right @ Home Offers

Saving Star


Walgreens has a coupon brochure located near their weekly flyer that contains LOTS of good coupons.  These are free so grab one.

CVS has a coupon kiosk at the front of the store – just scan your loyalty store card and see what comes out.

There are lots of coupons found at manufacturers websites you just need to look.

Also, the trend seems to be more and more companies are using Facebook to release coupons.


Find, Clip and Save

Jason the Coupon King